Health & Safety

Andy’s Oilfield Hauling Ltd. is committed to achieving a healthy and safe workplace by complying with company, client and government regulations and policies. It is expected of our employees to participate in and promote all company safety programs, as we strive to eliminate potential personal injuries, environmental damages or damages to physical assets.
Management provides proper training to all employees, and constantly adapts safety standards alongside the ongoing practices of the industry to ensure that we remain a leader in safety.

For Safety questions or concerns contact: Brayden Sage – Safety Coordinator – 403-340-6876


About Us

Andy’s Oilfield Hauling Ltd. is an experienced and family-oriented oilfield hauling company centrally located out of Blackfalds, AB that specializes in hauling rental equipment and service rig moves across the western provinces.

We pride ourselves on creating a hard-working & safety conscious environment, while at work and at home.  It is our goal to bring this environment to every job, to offer the highest level of safety and efficiency possible.

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Our Services

Andy’s offers a wide range of equipment to complete any standard or specialty job in our industry, including Bed Trucks, Picker Trucks, Winch Tractors, Pilot Trucks, Double Drop trailers, Hiboys, Lowboys, 48 Wheelers, boosters and jeeps.

  • Bed Trucks
  • Picker Trucks
  • Winch Tractors
  • Trailers & Attachments

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